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Diamond Line Oil-Redken

And here is another digest on Redken’s products, I guess it’s now clear that I am a huge fan of this brand. However, this is not out of nothing, the truth is that it has been taking the number one position in the market as far as hair beauty is concerned. This time, I’ll talk about a line that has stolen my heart – Diamond Oil – which offers shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask, shine spray and a treatment oil called Shatter Proof Shine Intense. I have not used this last one on the list yet, but will do soon and promise to leave a digest here. However, as I've used all the rest, I’ ll write about each one them.
The duet shampoo and conditioner is one of those that has offered great benefits to my hair for the softness that it provides is impressive. I could feel it the first time I used, so obviously that I became a fan and have used 2 bottles of each already. I always prefer using shampoo and conditioner of the same line because I believe it provides more benefits to the hair for having the same formula-base. Diamond Oil products contain a mixture of the following oils: coriander (which smoothes your hair), camelina (softens) and apricot (conditions). Consequently, its hydrating power is undeniable. This mixture of oils is what they call Sparkling Oil Complex which certainly leaves your hair silky and shine.
The treating mask provides your hair with the same results, but of course its hydration power is much stronger. The idea is to use the shampoo and conditioner and alternate the last with the mask, for example: if you wash your hair today and use the conditioner, the next time apply the mask on it. You hair will respond to this treatment by staying soft, silky and shiny. In addition, it couldn't be easier to use: just divide your hair into small pieces and apply it gently up and down, but not to the scalp. Leave it for 5 up to 10 minutes and then wash it off.
The shine spray has surprised me in a very positive way for I did not expect it would offer so much frizz control as it does. If you like to blow dry your hair after washing it or use the flat iron, and even so you still notice some undesirable frizz on it, this spray is the solution for this problem, you’ll notice the frizz go away. So this is what is called a finisher product. Just apply it on your hair (not on the root) keeping a certain distance and then brush it by using a hair-brush or just by using your hands (I usually use my hands) and you’ll good-bye to the frizz. The smell of it is a must as well.
To conclude, this line delivers perfectly what it sells: it hydrates, strengthens and softens your hair without leaving it greasy and heavy. The combination of good oils used on its formula works on the hair by providing it with softness, hydration and shine. If you’re not willing to use the mask, you can see the results just by using the shampoo and conditioner, but of course that the former will provide you with much better results. The shine spry is just a complement that will help you say good bye to the terrible frizz that we despise so much. Use and recommend it!!!



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